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I am glad, that you have glanced on this page. Here you can find little bit more about myself.

This is my full biography (pdf, only in Russian).

I have some hobbies. Unfortunately I have no a lot of time for them. But I'm really happy when I am engaged in them.

Firstly, I like to observe night sky. But I am not limited only by contemplation.  Therefore I think myself the astronomer-amateur. And now you understand  why I used such style of site. Today I have some very useful devices for astronomer:

  • binocular for object finding and orientation of other devices (2.5´30mm);

  • theodolite   a tool for angles measurement (20´40mm);

  • telescope "ZT-STEREO" (20-50´50mm).

This rather modest toolkit has allowed me to find out much about the sky. I hope, that in the future I can get a telescope that is not smaller than this "monster".

I'm sure that anyone, who specially observes the sky, will agree with my opinion, that such "excursions" are very fascinating. For example, expectation of the moment of an eclipse of the satellite by Jupiter, or occurrence of "the rare visitor" - Mercury at dawn,  in the days of its greatest elongation.  A tremendous show!

Who thinks, that with the modest toolkit of the astronomer - amateur it is impossible to make something serious and essential (for example, to check up some experimental data received in the largest advanced observatories of the world or open a new comet) that is strongly mistaken! For example, the essential part of comets discoveries for the last tens of years, belongs to the amateurs. Thus they have left own names in a history.

My observations are orientated on:

  • research of visual characteristics of double and multiple stars (visible stellar magnitude, color, angular distance between components). I have made the modest catalogue of the double and multiple stars (about 60 stars) looking most effectively in a small telescope. All these stars were personally observed by me and drawn as I saw them;

  • research of kinematics of Jupiter and Saturn satellites (identification of the satellite, definition of visible stellar magnitude, angular distance from the central body,  prognosis  construction  of satellites positions). For today I have large data of observations with sketches of satellites positions. Numerical results for angle distances of satellites and angle diameters of parent planets received on the given data of observations are in the good agreement with results of leading observatories of the world;

  • research of unregular rotation of the Earth (determination of average angular speed of  Earth rotation and dependence of angular speed oscillations  from observations time).

The last astronomy news and other useful information I take from the next Astro-sites.

 Astronet.ru, universe-news.ru


Secondly, I like to listen to music and to dance. But I am rather selective in music. For example, I like the western electronic dancing music. I'm the big admirer of ATB. ATB is the West-German DJ, self-educated person, who made the true revolution in the world electronic music. His ingenious creations, such as 9PM, The Summer, Fields of Love, In love with DJ, Sunset Girl, Renegade, Trilogy, One small step treat my soul, cheer up, give new power in new day.


I like creativity of West-German project - trio SASH! Excellent guys and the big masters! Their first dancing superhit Equador has reached 2-nd position in the British chart of singles and was 1-st in some countries of the world in 1997. Still this single very often sounds on dance pavilions of many night clubs. The composition is a storm. When you listen it then one grasps your spirit: the whirlwind of chords, high rate, louder comments of DJs compel to dance. Not a smaller impulse of emotions and feelings you get, when you listen to superhit Adelante, a result of laborious work of a DJs trio with use unique combination of musical instruments (from super synthesizers up to a classical accordion). Very beautiful compositions are Mysterious Times, Just Around The Hill. The mix of their  gentle, romantic music and unsurpassed voice of Tina Cousins makes them harmonious.


One of my favourite groups is quartet Ace of Base – the legendary group of 90-s' years which have beaten records in popularity of such coryphaeuses, as ABBA, Beatles, etc. Their collection with hits All that she wants, Happy Nation, I never gone say I'm sorry, Beautiful Life frequently turns in my CD – reader.

Ace of Base   

It very frequently happens, when I get from my record library the collection of hits of Bryan Adams to take pleasure in chords of his guitar, to recive a charge of new emotions and experiences. I especially fond to listen his ballads Please forgive me, Do I have to say the words, I do it for you, and also Dance-Remix versions of Cloud number Nine, Here I am.

      Bryan Adams


Roxette is a legendary Swedish duet of two most talented musicians: Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson. At the moment when I write these lines I listen to their album. This is grate! In my musical collection all albums of this group are almost collected, and each such album is "impregnated" with favourite compositions: Listen to your heart, Dangerous, The Big Love, Vulnerable and  It must have been Love. It seems to me, all these compositions are executed Marie with mysterious sincerity and kindness going from depth of soul of the strong woman. Her unique voice and talent allow to make the compositions at high level. 




Certainly, I can't be indifferent to creativity of Audrey Sumner (Sting). It is possible to tell, that this person has created himself. Him career way to top of glory was hard, but the persistence, self-esteem and aspiration to be more perfect have strengthened in him spirit of the fighter. On a crest of a wave of his creative impulses such hits as Every breath you take, Fragile, Mad about you have been created. Besides Audrey is a good family man and father of six children. The big respect and an attraction of fans to him is caused not only his activity of composer, singer and actor, but also his public activity (he is engaged in charities).


I have one more partiality - voyage on a motorcycle. My father has attached me to motor-technics in the early childhood. Bent to these steel trotters has only got stronger with the years. And in the age of 16 I have constructed an own motorcycle ("Voshod - 2") on that I liked to drive on my native land. Today I have more powerful steel horse - "Ural".
Driving on a two-wheeled steel trotter is similar to flight on a huge bird who carries you away where you have never been and new adventures and tests wait for you. It can't paraphrase those sensations that you feel when you rush on steppe highway towards the morning Sun, cool steppe wind breaths to your face, and somewhere behind a rumble of the motor is stayed. And it would be desirable to rush on this steel horse to the edge of light! This is great!

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