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Brief chronology 

  • July, 2002. Philippov Ju.P. has finished physical faculty of the Samara state university with the red diploma (without mark "4"and qualification "Physicist teacher" (Master of science) on a speciality "Physics".

  • 2002 2004. Philippov Ju.P. was a competitor of scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences (speciality 01.04.16 Physics of atomic nucleus and elementary particles) at postgraduate study of Samara State University (SSU). The supervisor is  the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, the chief of  general  and theoretical physics department SSU,  professor Biryukov A.A.

  • 2004 2006. Philippov Ju.P. was the post-graduate student of the correspondence form  on the same speciality.

  • 2006. Philippov Ju.P. became the post-graduate student of correspondence form on a speciality 01.04.02 Theoretical physics.

  • February, 2007. Philippov Ju.P. has successfully protected the PhD thesis (Candidate of science) "Loop Effects in the Higgs bosons interactions within the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model", on the specified speciality in scientific research institute of nuclear physics D.V.Skobeltsyna of the Moscow state university M.V. Lomonosov. The leading organization was the State centre of science of the Russian Federation Institute of high energy physics (Protvino, Moscow region). Opponents of the competitor became such known experts as Volobuev I.P. (doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, leading scientific employee of SINP MSU  (Moscow)) and Kazakov D.I. (doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, main scientific employee of JINR  (Dubna)).

  • April, 2007. Philippov Ju.P. has  finished postgraduate study early, for what have been awarded by rector of SSU.

  • May, 2007. Philippov Ju.P. had been gave the diploma of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences by the presidium of the Supreme certifying commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

Staying in postgraduate study, Philippov  Ju.P. has passed candidate examinations on English language (mark "excellent", 2003), on philosophy (mark"excellent", 2004) and on a speciality (mark "excellent", 2006).


Scientific interests

Being still the student, the competitor and nowadays candidate Philippov  Ju.P. is actively engaged in scientific activity. His scientific interests lay in the fields of
High energy physics and quantum field theory, Stellar astrophysics, Physics of Solar system. Now he carries out investigations on next questions:




Solar wind interaction with cosmic dust


Optical and termodynamical properties of interplanetary, circumplanetary, and circumstellar dust


Computer modeling of Comet Coma and nucleus


Orbital dynamics of comet dust


Technique of scalar loop integrals calculation (in Quantum Field Theory)


Feynman diagram approach in Perturbation Calculations within the Modern QFT Models (like Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model) and its modifications


Higgs Potential Restoration in modern gauge models and calculation of observables  at high orders of perturbation theory in supersymmetric modifications of Standard Model.


Cold Dark Matter Problem. Neutralino stars physical properties. Determination of neutralino  properties with use of MACHO data.


Philippov  Ju.P. is accepted with active participation in scientific conferences and seminars. So, he became the lecturer on:

  • International conference "100 years since Tunguska phenomenon: Past, present and future" (Moscow, RAS, 2008);

  • XVII, XVIII International seminar on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory (QFTHEP) (Samara, 2003; S. Petersburg, 2004);

  • All-Russia scientific conference "Physics of  fundamental interactions " (Moscow, ITEP, 2002, 2005, 2007);

  • International seminar  "Selected Problems of Modern Physics"(Saratov, 2003);

  • Sixth international school of ITEP devoted to actual topics of  High energy physics  (Moscow, ITEP, 2003);

  • Fifth and seventh All-Russia scientific conferences of young scientists and specialists of JINR (Dubna, JINR, 2001, 2003);

  • Third all-Russia school "Physics of  fundamental interactions", devoted actual topics of High Energy Physics(Protvino, fund "Dynasty", 2006);

  • Third summer interregional school of physicists (Arkhangel'sk, Petrozavodsk, S. Petersburg, 2007);

  • Scientific - practical conference devoted to the memory of professor L.I. Kudrjasheva "Applied mathematical problems in mechanical engineering and economy"(Samara, SSAU, SSU, SSEA, 2001);

  • Conference "100 years of the quantum theory" (Samara, SSU, 2001);

  • Educational and Methodical conference "Intersessional work with students: traditional and new forms" (Samara, SSU, 2001);

  • Interuniversity scientific seminar "Problems of the coherent states in the quantum field theory" (Samara, MSU, SSU, 2004);

  • All-Russia conference "Concepts of symmetry and fundamental fields in quantum physics of XXI century" (Samara, SSU, 2005);

  • Conference "Problems of fundamental physics XXI century" (Samara, SSU, 2005);

  • Third All-Russia Forum  "Actual Problems of Modern Science" (Samara, SSTU, 2007);

  • Scientific conferences of lectures and employees of Samara State University  (Samara, SSU, 2002-2009);

  • Scientific seminars of general and theoretical physics department of SSU (Samara, SSU, 2001 2009).

Today Philippov  Ju.P. have




15 contributed papers to scientific journals


18 proceedings of International and All-Russia conferences

Scientific activity of Philippov  Ju.P.  was supported by the following grants:



2001 2002

 Alabin scholarship


Research Grant of the Samara Regional Competition of Grants "Higgs bosons in  Standard Model and  Minimal Supersymmetric Standard  Model" (Principle Investigator)


Research Grant of the Samara Regional Competition of Grants 294E2.4K "Higgs bosons interactions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Model" (Principle Investigator)
2006 2007 Personal Research Grant of Noncommercial programs Foundation "Dynasty", "Higgs Bosons Interactions in the models of Quantum Field Theory"

The basic materials: