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Serial 21. Paper code: 05.04.2010

Title: The simplest non-relativistic model of a star from degenerate fermionic gas

Author: A. Seliverstov (SRPMS, 11 class, 2009-2010)


Serial № 22. Paper code: 06.04.2010

Title: The general properties of high-order rainbows

Author: V. Sudoyskaya (SRPMS, 11 class, 2009-2010)


Serial № 13. Paper code: 25.03.2009

Title: A simplest model of small halo phenomenon

Author: V. Zagorodnikova (SRPMS, 11 class, 2008-2009)

Notes: The work is made under supervising of senior lecturer of General and Theoretical Department of Samara State University Philippov Ju. P.  It has been awarded with 1) the third degree diploma of the winner of XVIII All-Russia scientific - practical conference for the gifted school-boys «Intel-Dinastiya-Avangard 2009». in section "Computer modelling"; 2) the first degree diploma of winner of Final scientific and practical conference of pupils of the Samara Regional Physical and Mathematical School in 2009; 3) the second degree diploma of Samara Regional scientific and practical conference of schoolboys in section "Theoretical and experimental methods in physics" in 2009.

Work is published in journal Bulletin of the Samara Regional Physical and Mathematical School. − 2009. − №5. − P. 70−82.


The simplest physical model of 22°-halo based on the geometrical optics and physics of atmospheric clouds is represented in the work. The task about determination of flux angular distribution of light  for single crystal is solved. The general algorithm is developed and its special case is considered in detail. It is shown, that at θ = 22.06 ° the sharp maximum of flux is observed. The task about determination of concentration of water ice crystals from height is solved in an analytical form. Calculation of flux angular distribution of light scattering by a cloud of crystals is made. The full profile of flux angular distribution of light is received. The received result explains all basic features of a visual image 22 ° - halo. It is shown, that uncertainty of halo external border directly correlates with turbulence of lifting air streams which hold crystals in a equilibrium.

Download: pdf-file (demo) of work (in russian, full version of the paper consists of 65 pp.)

Serial № 14. Paper code: 26.03.2009
Serial № 15. Paper code: 27.03.2009
Serial № 16. Paper code: 28.03.2009
Serial № 17. Paper code: 1.04.2010
Serial № 18. Paper code: 28.01.2008
Serial № 19. Paper code: 28.01.2008
Serial № 20. Paper code: 28.01.2008