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Astrodrom is a library of research projects on the astronomy  and adjacent scientific directions, made by Me, Snetkova J.A. in the co-authorship with other experts, and also under our scientific supervising. Purpose of library consists in

  • attraction of talented youth attention to actual problems of astronomy and adjacent scientific directions. Involving of young generation in research activity within the framework of the specified fields of knowledge;

  • detailed consideration of actual problems of the specified fields of knowledge, demonstrations of their possible decisions and final results. As work (made out in editor LaTeX), and programs, packages of calculations executed within the framework of high-efficiency computing systems (Mathematica, MathCad, Maple, MathLab, etc.) are represented here.

Use, copying, duplicating of the given works is carried out only in the consent with the copyright law (only in Russian). The demo-versions of the given works are submitted only in an easy approach because of the becoming frequent cases of larceny of the intellectual property and a piracy in the given area. Access to full versions of works and mathematical files can be received only having communicated personally with me!

Serial number of work Page Number Personal code of work
(1-10) Page 1 23.01.2008 Ц 28.02.2008
(10-20) Page 2 29.02.2008 Ц 29.03.2009
(20-30) Page 3 5.04.2010 Ц 07.05.2011
(30-40) Page 4 08.05.2011-14.05.2011
(40-50) Page 5  
(50-60) Page 6  
(60-70) Page 7  
(70-80) Page 8